Hi, I'm Brie

While you're here, let's talk about what I call the 3Cs of Management: communication, consistency, and common sense.

These are areas we all understand, but really utilizing them in your work can make the difference between trudging through your day and creating an impact with your work, your team, and your customers. 

Maybe you want to master business writing skills to build your credibility, earn the trust and respect of your team, and establish yourself as as an expert with every message without wasting time or sacrificing results. We can do that together in The Writer’s Advantage.

Maybe you're a first time manager and you're ready to learn the communication and leadership skills you need to tackle your new responsibilities with confidence to bring out the best in your teams and build better relationships without having to navigate the struggles that typically accompany the transition from peer to supervisor. There are tools and resources ready for you to use today in The New Manager Blueprint.

Maybe you're ready to make a change in your career, but don't know where to start. We'll work together to create your resume and LinkedIn profile that showcase your experiences and expertise in The Interview Optimizer.

Whatever it is that you're looking for, I'm excited to help you on your journey! 

Available Products

Create a Crystal-Clear Job Search Strategy in 90 Minutes

Build confidence and learn how to highlight your unique experience. Identify what you need to have to get the HR Manager’s attention. Optimize your resume and cover letter noticed so you get that interview. Learn how to stand out from your competition.

The Interview Optimizer- Resume and LinkedIn Review

Your resume and LinkedIn profile are how hiring managers and recruiters get to know you. Let's set you up for success in your job search by making yours stand out!

The Interview Optimizer- Practice Interview

One hour practice interview with sample questions and actionable feedback so you can be more confident and prepared. 

The Writer's Advantage

In this 8 week business writing course, we'll improve the quality of your writing, the speed of your results, and the time it takes for you to write your messages. 

The New Manager Blueprint

This 6-week program gives you the tools you need as a new manager to master the 3C's of management: communication, consistency, and common sense. 

The Better HR Blueprint

The small business owner’s all-in-one HR resource for hands-on HR protocol, up-to-date compliance documents/documentation and laws /legal, and guidance on how to avoid draining personnel issues!

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